Mathematics Placement Test

General Instructions

  • IMPORTANT: Please read all instructions before starting the test!
  • You may use one piece of scrap paper to work out answers.
  • NO calculators, NO books, NO notes are allowed while taking the test.
  • Once you start the test, you must finish it in one sitting.
  • You will be presented one question at a time. Once you've answered it, you cannot change your answer or go back
  • When you have 10 minutes left for the test you will receive a reminder.
  • If you run out of time, the test will end.
  • You can only log in once. If you lose your connection, you will need to call the WLC Technology Help Desk to reset your record.
  • If you have any computer problems or questions, please call the WLC Technology Help Desk at (414) 443-8911 for assistance.
  • When you are ready, click "Begin Test" to go to the log-in screen.
  • You will need your WLC ID number to login. Contact the registrar's office (email: Registrar's Office or phone: (414) 443-8785) if you need your number.